bye for now Mayfaire- WE ARE BUILDING IN WB!

Hi Hallelu Babes! Recently, we were shocked to find out that yet again, big box has won out over your small and very local business-Hallelu. Although our Mayfaire location has been doing fantastic (THANK YOU), Mayfaire corporate has given our space to a national chain, and asked us to rebuild in a different location. We have decided that instead of moving 3 times, we are going to take advantage of an opportunity at our Wrightsville Beach location. We are going to build on there instead!!! This will allow for events, more dressing rooms, and a model shoot area (come on models and influencers)! There is no other store that has waterfront shopping, and all accessible by boat like ours. We want to grow, and make it the best it can be! Sadly, this will be our last week at Mayfaire, but we look forward to your help in expanding at WB!

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