Posted by Brooke Jenkins on Nov 14th 2018

The day, which may have been one of the most glorious of the season, started off like this… road trip to Fort Fisher complete with chipotle & boy gossip. Once our crew (and by crew we mean we rollin 7 ppl deep for this) got ready we set out for the ultra dreamy oak trees set with the sun highlighting throughout the open spaces. And you know what goes best with the almost perfect backdrop? Trap Music, or so Emery thought, the rest of us not much. 

Our girls may seem serious but they are far from it – from grinch impressions to random dance parties, our crew knows how to cause a scene in all the best ways!

Even models need some tips & thanks to Emery we now know the key to the perfect shot is arching your legs…whatever that actually means 

From the waves perfectly crashing over the rocks to the crystal clear skies this shoot was nothing short of dreamy! And thanks to an insanely talented crew the Fall Lookbook is gonna blow you away!

*Brooke(social media), Morgan(model), Catherine(boss kitty),Nikki(photographer), Emery(model). Not pictured, Kevin(videography), Adam(film photography)


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